The Artist in me

I am a teacher, interested in jewelry, nature, photography, painting, bookbinding and technology. As a positive forward thinker I am always listening and learning.

I live in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and have three fabulous sons. My teaching career includes PMC jewelry classes, Immigration workshops for international students in Canada, and am a Career Advisor and facilitator.

I love sharing the wealth of knowledge and helping people succeed in their dreams of careers and life. 

My name is Liz McDonald and I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes.


About the name of my jewelry line, CoveCoast.  I am from Vancouver Canada and am inspired by the nature that surrounds me from the ocean or forest. My jewelry is designed with botanicals in mind, shapes, colours or impressions.  I hope you enjoy the pieces.

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phone me: 604-970-0075

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